Rider 7 Program

(formerly known as Rider 8 Program)   


Air Quality Program intended to address Ground Level Ozone Emissions

What is RIDER 7?


RIDER 7 is a Grant Program for Ozone near non attainment areas in Texas. There are currently nine Rider 8 areas in Texas including El Paso. For a list of the areas and the background information on the program, please visit: https://www.tceq.texas.gov/airquality/airmod/rider8/rider8-background


The activities of the grant are intended to inform the community about Ground Level Ozone and to develop research and/or projects to understand how Ozone forms in our area and what can be done to improve the air quality related to Ground Level Ozone.


Some of the activities completed in El Paso to date include: Research monitoring, Development of a Chemical and Photochemical Model, Emission Inventory analyses, distribution of public awareness/educational materials, and initial involvement in the El Paso B Cycle Program. For more information on the studies that have been completed in El Paso please contact Claudia Valles, Transportation Planner, El Paso MPO, at 915-212-7112.

Please note: Some documents/information in the future will refer to the Rider 7 Program or the Near Non-Attainment Program, all such references are synonymous with the Rider 8 Program.

OZONE Season is Here


Ozone season, the time when we see the highest levels of ozone, starts between March and May in many parts of our state. During ozone season, the TCEQ provides Ozone Action Day forecasts for nine metropolitan areas of Texas. The TCEQ typically informs the public one day in advance when conditions are forecasted to be favorable for high ozone levels. You can take these steps to help reduce ozone formation in your area:

  • Limit driving and idling; instead, carpool, walk, or use public transportation.
  • Refuel in late afternoon or evening and don’t top off the tank.
  • Maintain yard equipment and use tools without motors.
  • Don’t burn yard waste.

Learn more by checking out the TCEQ’s publication, Ozone: The Facts

The text for this section was taken directly from the TCEQ Take Care of Texas, News You Can Use, Newsletter. Sign up to receive your copy at: www.TakeCareOfTexas.org.